Eyes of the Ocelot

An international newspaper based in Manitoba, Canada, called my book “a thrilling novel of the complexities in Mexico … Like a story lifted off the page of today’s newspaper.”

My book will make you smarter about Mexico and the American Southwest than most US citizens – especially the politicians.

Eyes of the Ocelot is the revised version of my book originally released in 2001.

It surges from an obscure attack on a pilgrimage in a little-known state of Mexico, resulting in three dead, to a grand political assault on U.S. sovereign territory.

Are you wondering about the high level of immigration from Mexico into this country?

My book answers your questions that the mainstream media ignore. Now you, too, can own this book.

But let me start at the beginning to explain why it’s so important for you to read my book.

The twin, narrow slits in the eyes of twin ocelots represent “11:11.”

Have you ever looked at a digital clock – on your microwave oven, or your coffeemaker, or your wristwatch – right at the moment when it read “11:11”? Did you wonder what it means?

My book gives you several answers to that question. The most significant answer is what I call “the 11:11 convergence” – one group’s plan for the American Southwest.

This is one of two, parallel strategies – like the parallel lines of 11:11. The other plan is nearly identical – to reclaim the Mayan homeland in Chiapas and secede from the Mexican republic.

While reading my book, you will better understand what is happening, and see a glimpse of the future. Is it a conspiracy, or is it inevitable?

My book helps you comprehend the cultural and political tide that is starting to flow more deeply across our continent.

This is very important to understand, yet very few Americans or politicians comprehend…

My book will make you smarter about Mexico than most US citizens.

You will take a journey that reveals little-known facts, such as…

  • Details concerning The Plan of San Diego, Texas, in 1915, whose goal was to recapture the land that Mexico lost to the United States.
  • The proposed German-Mexican alliance that eventually led to the United States entering World War I.
  • The horrors, injustice and extent of persecution against Christians in Mexico, and the power of tribal hierarchies.
  • The influence of Freemasons in the history and politics of Latin America.
  • The military’s being the fourth institution of government.

As you read my book, you will literally take a journey from Chiapas, Mexico, to Fresno, California.

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