Sample Interview Questions for Lee Cuesta

Your book seems even more relevant and newsworthy today, even though it was published in 2001. How could that be?

Have you spoken with Dr. Charles Truxillo about the plan to establish a sovereign, hispanic homeland in the American Southwest, called La República del Norte?

Dr. Truxillo contends that states have a legal right to secede. Is there disagreement on this issue?

What do some observers mean when they refer to “La Reconquista”?

Does this really reflect a national plan of the Mexican government?

What is the Plan of Aztlan, and how is it related to the student movement known as Mecha?

Is The Plan of San Diego a current political reality in parts of Mexico?

Are Freemasons as powerful and conspiratorial in Mexico as Once:Once (PRONOUNCE: OWN-say, OWN-say) portrays?

How long were you a journalist in Mexico?

Have you actually been to every location you write about?

Did you conduct on-site investigation and interviews in Chiapas?

Your book talks about the tremendous influence of caciques (PRONOUNCE: kah-SEE-kays) and caciquismo (PRONOUNCE: kah-see-KEYS-mo) in the southern region of Mexico. Explain what that’s all about. (Note: A cacique is similar to a shaman in the ancient Maya empire.)

What ethnic group, or “people group,” is represented in your book?

Where is Chiapas?

Your book also refers to the Zapatistas. Explain this movement.

Explain some of the facts and details related to the religious persecution against evangelical Christians in Chiapas. Why is it happening, and what is the extent?

What do you believe is the value of comprehending the historical precedents of current events, such as the occupation of Mexico City by General Winfield Scott and his military forces, which you explore in your book?

Why did you choose to use the new ‘print-on-demand’ technology for publishing this book?

Why did The Gazette refuse to review your book?

Where is your book available? How can they order your book? (1-877-BUY-BOOK, or 877-289-2665)

Why is your book called a journalistic novel?

What was your primary motivation for writing this book?

What does your book’s title signify?

Has anyone yet discovered the hidden once:once (11/11) in your novel?