Seven Viking Days

"A gorgeous presentation of Viking vignettes that will interest adults as well as children."
(Midwest Book Review)

Seven Viking Days is a full-color children's picture book with truly unique, vibrant illustrations by the artist, Mia Hocking. I am Lee Cuesta. I'm a journalist and author, and also a grandparent and Baby Boomer. For several years, I wanted to write a book to help children — including my grandchildren — learn the days of the week, along with their correct sequence. When I mentioned this to a colleague, he replied that our days have names with Norse origins. It clicked in my mind! A conversation between a Viking boy, named Canute, and Sun, who explains to him the origin of each day's name. I also wanted to create a book that engages not only the children, but their parents and grandparents as well. With Mia's work, we accomplished this!

I am so grateful that I teamed up with Mia, whose style of artwork brings authenticity to the ancient Scandinavian mythology. This book is a treasure for grandparents and Baby Boomers like me, who love to cozy up with their child and read through a book that you both will love due to the luscious illustrations and the captivating stories. The stories it tells reveal the authentic Norse origins of the names of our days. Of course, it's also a book for moms and dads with young children who are at the age to understand the names of the days, along with their correct sequence, which is reinforced seven times throughout the book.



Every day without my book is another day not knowing what’s planned for the American Southwest.

My book will make you smarter about Mexico than most US citizens – especially the politicians.

Every day without my book is another day not knowing what’s planned for the American Southwest.

That’s why I am offering you this special bonus –

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Interview with
Dr. Charles Truxillo

I’ve returned from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, where I met with Dr. Charles Truxillo. We also drove to a smokey, windowless pub called The Copper Lounge, located near the campus, where we joined several representatives of Estudiantes Contemporáneos Del Norte (ECDN, or Contemporary Students of The North). This is the group that is working toward the formation of La República del Norte, which by the year 2080 – a mere 75 years from now – will be an autonomous nation comprised of the southwestern U.S. states and the northern Mexican states, according to their goals.

Similarly, as a professional journalist, I’ve traveled to San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, and San Juan Chamula in Chiapas, Mexico – where likewise a self-determination movement is underway – in order to write stories that are authentic, accurate and below-the-surface. My Chiapas reports were published in international publications, both U.S. and Canadian. I go to the source.

In this same capacity, I went to Albuquerque to talk with Dr. Charles Truxillo, and indeed my meeting with him exceeded my expectations. He was a gracious host who not only allowed me one-on-one time with himself, but also arranged the meeting in that smokey pub with students from ECDN, so that I could hear their perspectives as well. Below are some of my observations following that meeting.


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